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Business loans are particularly vital while running a business in Singapore. If you need unsecured easy small business loan at low rates, we at Cashcow won’t take much time to disburse the amount. Get immediate approval and convenience with short term loan, finance new equipment loan, or full SME business loans.

What is a business loan?

A fast business loan in Singapore is a type of financing you can obtain to meet the critical requirements of your growing trade.  If you need funding to increase your existing trade, purchase machinery, or enhance production, look no further than a Cashcow Business Loan. Avail loan at gorgeous interest rates; borrow capital without pledging any of your assets, as well as get access to credit that can be repaid over a precise period of time. If you are looking for finest unsecured business loan lenders, there is no better option than Cashcow!

Types of Business Loans we offer:

  • Unsecured Business Term Loan
  • SME Micro Loan
  • SME working Capital Loan
  • Trade Financing

How can you use Business Loans?

Affordable small Business Loans Singapore are usually borrowed from Financial Institutions and Banks. They offer you with Working Capital for Business expansion.


Banks & Financial Institutions are rigorous with their Credit Risk scrutiny. As such, a corporation should perfectly be more than one Year(s) old to meet the criteria for the Business Loan.

How to obtain a Business Loan in Singapore?

Supporting both the development as well as operations of a small business that’s growing fast often needs supplementary financial support. Acquiring a business loan in Singapore will help you conduit the gap whenever capital investments are required, may it be to augment your workforce, move to a superior commercial space, or else add more branches. As there are diverse methods for you to fund your business in Singapore, consider lending from Cashcow!

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    18 Years & Above Min. Age


    Local / PR $1500 Min. Salary


    Foreigners $2000 Min. Salary

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