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Sometimes you need a booster amount to meet your prospect budget. It may be payment of your existing college loans, electricity or sometimes a smart gadget that you bought and at the same time you have put off saving for other financial properties. The best and fast approval payday loans Singapore is what you need!

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a kind of short-term loan where a lender will expand interest credit based on a borrower’s income and credit profile. No credit check and short-term fast loans in Singapore principal is normally a fraction of a borrower’s next salary. These loans charge definite interest rates for short-term instantaneous credit. These loans are also known as cash advance loans or else check advance loans.

Benefits of Payday Loan

  • They are short-term interest loan available to consumers
  • It is easy to apply with minimal documentation
  • It has lower interest rates

Documents required for payday loan

For Singaporean and Permanent Residents

Singaporean or permanent residents need identity card or NRIC, proof of residents such as Recent Bill or letter addressed to you. They also need employment letter and recent three months pay slip if your current employment is less than six month.

For Foreigners

Minimum income must be $2,000.00 with work-permit / S-Pass / Employment Pass. You also need passport, proof of employment. Proof of residence, Proof of residence Proof of residence Proof of residence of account to which salary is credited as well as Singpass!

Payday loan lenders are usually small credit merchants with physical locations that let onsite credit applications as well as approval. Some payday loan services may also be handy through online lenders in Singapore.

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    18 Years & Above Min. Age


    Local / PR $1500 Min. Salary


    Foreigners $2000 Min. Salary

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